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We were there !

Updated: May 5, 2022

In our industry, it is essential to keep abreast of all technological advances. That's why we were in Las Vegas for the 2022 ASHRAE Winter Convention.

Our president Steven Bruneau attended the convention along with Charles Vanelslande, Vice-President and Head of the Engineering Department of Groupe TechnoRef4 . COVID not helping, it was understood that several industry players were missing. This did not prevent us from consolidating our business relationships with several suppliers and from sharing our impressions and our visions of the industry with other business leaders, salespeople and distributors.

HFO-type refrigerants and natural refrigerant fluids

Recent halocarbon regulations make it difficult to use HFO (hydrofluoro-olefin) type refrigerants for large systems. While present à the convention, Messrs. Bruneau and Vanelslande attended a few conferences on these types of refrigerants, on issues related to leaks, types of engines, etc. because it seems clear that HFOs as well as natural refrigerants such as CO2 and ammonia represent the future. Nevertheless, new regulations will be essential in order to integrate them into the Quebec market.


With this in mind, and always with the aim of making our installations more ecological and sustainable, it is through the CETAF (Corporation of air and cold treatment companies) that Mr. Vanelslande will be able to work with the government in the hope to enforce changes to the current regulations to include a greater portion of these gases, less harmful for the environment.


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